The Archetype Of Hades : My Personal Myth Story

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My personal myth story begins on the day that I was born. October 17th, 1989. The day of the magnitude 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake. I was born at 4:05, almost an hour exactly before the earthquake shook northern California. Since that day, my family has always referred to me as the earthquake baby. I immediately connected to the Poseidon archetype, as well as to the archetype of Hades, and see characteristics of these two gods play out in my personal life. In this paper, I would first like to discuss Poseidon, how I connected to him, how some of his qualities play out in my life, and what I learned from him. Then I would like to discuss Hades, why I connected to him, the underworld qualities that I see in my daily life, and what I learned …show more content…

I connected to Poseidon’s deep and intense feelings toward others, and toward work. He feels very strongly about his opinions, as do I, and I am prone to lost focus on what I deemed important because something else came up and caught my full attention. I often see the qualities of Poseidon play out in my personal life. One quality that I see very strongly in myself is Poseidon’s ability to dive completely into what is currently holding his attention. I also feel very strongly about the things that I am doing and have always found myself putting in one hundred percent of my effort into it. For instance, during high school, I had the opportunity to work as a ski instructor in Utah. I took this very seriously, and quickly became certified so that I could work with more advanced groups. I attended an extra ski school just to improve my own performance, as well as learn new techniques to teach my clients. In a few seasons, I began teaching advanced ski lessons, and took my certification two more levels up. Since it was a seasonal job, I took a summer job as a dog groomer at Petco. I began by just giving the dogs a bath. It was not enough for me, so I asked to be trained as a groomer, and was sent off to grooming school. A few months later, I was a certified dog groomer for Petco. I have always felt strongly to everything that matters to me, but also was unable

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