The Ardennes Offensive: The Battle Of The Bulge

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The death toll rose and the smell of rotting corpses was in the air while every breath taken was a breath someone else lost. Around 80 million people were killed (k-1). Millions felt unsafe and that their lives were going to be taken from them, just because of the religion they practiced and because they were seen unfit for society. Beliefs of racial purity by Hitler gave perception of what the perfect race was and the way someone should look. He saw the Germanic race to be superior and what he called an Aryan master race. The perfect Aryan was tall with blonde hair and blue eyes and sought to be the race to rule the world. So for these reasons, tanks rolled through towns, gunfire was in the air, and bodies, bodies were everywhere. A war erupted, …show more content…

He made the country feel strong again, like he was going to lead them to a new age of power and wealth for all. But even Hitler had faced difficulties as the Germans faced 5,500,000 deaths with Japan next with 2,100,000. The Battle of The Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Offensive, was the largest battle fought by the U.S. Army and started December 19, 1944 and was the last major offensive the axis army launched(C-1). More than 200,000 German troops and nearly 1,000 tanks launched off to reverse the ebb in Hitler's fortune(A-1). The death toll was insanely high and every step you took there was a body sure enough within 10 feet of you. But the attack was a surprise to the allies with several ignored warnings that the Germans were going to strike. But some of the generals distrusted the plan and did not think that it could work, advising Hitler not to attack now and to wait, but Hitler, Hitler didn't care about what anyone thought, he thought one thing and that was victory as soon as possible. So the Germans advanced with an attempt to split the allied armies in the northwest by

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