Racism During the Holocaust

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From 1933 through 1945 was a period of history called the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, people were being killed for their looks, race, and disability. About 11 million people were killed in brutal and tragic ways. Adolf Hitler, the leader, wanted to create a pure race. Racism helped Hitler organize the population into the way he wanted. He wanted people to support the cause of making a pure race. If people opposed, they would be persecuted. Racism allowed Hitler to influence the German people into following his leadership even if it meant genocide. People started to become racist because they were being psychologically conditioned. When Hitler came into power, Germanys living conditions were poor from the Great Depression. He used this state of Germany to his advantage by promising a better life to everyone. The people had hope and decided to follow him. Racism grew stronger through hearing all of Hitler’s propaganda speeches. Sajid Surve states in his article that Hitler has found ways to convince people of racism. In his speeches he would speak only in telling or ordering mode, he would repeat his points, he would create mottos to motivate the people, and he would get people’s emotions to boil up (“Hitler’s Guide to Propaganda – The Psychology of Coercion”). I think that Hitler got most of his followers though the tactics he put in his speeches. The people were being brainwashed and were desperate enough to follow the racism movement and hope for a

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