The Argument For A Plea Deal Essay

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In many cases like the previous the influence of the attorney and the means of counsel is a big factor in the accepting or declining of a plea deal. The Sixth amendment right, given to all who inhabit this country is the right to counsel is in many sense inadequate. The juvenile offenders are assigned an attorney; an attorney that they believe has their best wishes at mind. Many are unaware that the attorney they may receive has 4 times more than the federally recommended caseload for a defender. (Polakow-Suransky, 2002) The time the juvenile offenders spend with their attorney is average 10 to 12 minutes. After their first 10 to 12 minute counsel meeting more than 50% of juvenile offenders please guilty for their plea deals. A large issue is the defense these juveniles are receiving. The defenders are often excruciatingly over worked and vastly underpaid. Over time this leads to the lack of commitment and devotion for the cases of criminal court. The defenders spend little time even concerning themselves with the youth’s or their crimes and there is very little a teenager with no means of income can do about it. The lack of money in juvenile law seems to do the opposite of push juvenile defenders to do anything beyond the baseline. The results of these conditions are the substantial number of juveniles who sign or give away their rights with barley any counsel. The juvenile system is basically taking every with two alternatives in mind, getting them out or getting them in.

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