Arguments Against Cultural Relativism

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Cultural relativism is the way society separates right from wrong within a culture. What we describe as “good” and “bad” is based off of our cultural beliefs. No culture is better than any other and all their beliefs are equally valid. The way that modern society is has made it possible for almost everything to be justified.
Three arguments that are against objective values were found on The Ethical Life (P. 205) textbook that identify two problems with the cultural relativist’s argument are:
1. Morality is a product of culture,
2. Cultures disagree widely about morality, and
3. There’s no clear way to resolve moral differences
There is more to these arguments that once they are well analyzed they are read differently with another meaning to them. These arguments are against objective values. “Since morality is a product of culture, there can’t be objective moral truths” (Shafer-Landau, P. 205). The problem with this quote is that what a culture produces can express truths about how people live. “Since there’s no clear way to resolve moral differences, there can’t be objective moral truths” (Shafer-Landau, P. 205). Every single difference can’t be resolved, but some may be. There are times were there is definitely no way to justify moral truths but that does not mean there are no such truths. “So there could be objective moral truths, even if we had no solid way to know them” (Shafer-Landau, P. 206). Therefore, Ima Relativist’s arguments against objective values failed.

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