The Arizona Constitution Essay

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Arizona Constitution
Arizona gain statehood on February 14, 1912 as the forty-eighth state in the union. There were several events that led Arizona to statehood. President William Taft vetoed the first document for Arizona to become a state because he did not believe that citizens should use recall to remove judges from office (SU, 2008). This essay will give a detail timeline of the events leading up to Arizona becoming a state and the adoption of the Arizona Constitution. Also, included in this essay is a brief history of the events that influence Arizona Declaration of Rights.
1756 1756-1763: War between the French and Indian( Seven Years War)
1776 A Spanish fort built in Tucson
1775-1783 The United States was created by the
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Puerto Rico, Guam and Philippines was annexed to the United States
1910 The first writing of the Arizona Constitution. Vetoed by President William Taft
1912 Arizona was the forty-eighth state to be admitted to the union, February 14, 1912. The Constitution was rewritten and signed by President Taft (Arizona History Timeline, 2003).
Because of the principles of direct democracy, the Arizona’s Constitution was created. With direct democracy citizens were responsible for governing themselves, not the elected representatives. America’s founders felt that direct democracy was impractical and unwise when they wrote the United Constitution in 1787. Although, the Progressive movement believed the government was no good and the only way to restore a fair government was to give power to the citizens. They struggle for the adoption of the initiative, citizens did not have to get permission from officials establish their own statues and constitutional measures; they needed 15% vote to get on ballot. Adoption of referendum, citizens could reject statues and constitutional measures adopted by official; they needed majority vote by Legislature to get on ballot, with the adoption of recall, official could be removed from office before the end of their term; they needed 25% to call a recall election. Finally, at the peak of the Progressive Movement Arizona became a state. The reasons the
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