The Arrival By Shaun Tan

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Anticipation, heartache, and mystery are only a few of the abundant emotions immigrants feel on their journey to the United States. Notably, in Shaun Tan’s graphic novel, The Arrival, the main character experiences the same series of emotions on his immigration journey seeking safe haven. In fact, through the three-week introduction to a new adventure and literature, I was able to tune into the same feelings and genuinely understand the dismal journey of the immigrant archetype. Furthermore, this new-found perspective projected me to grasp a deep understanding of my father’s immigrant journey. To mark my beginnings to the studies of immigration, I read a short excerpt of E.B White’s classic novel, Here is New York. Specifically, the…show more content…
The grand size of the city draws us in the most as it gives us the most intimacy. Intimacy, in being able to keep to ourselves and play a larger role in our own lives, makes the city worthwhile. However, it is exceedingly easy to lose touch with the historical aspects of the city. We love New York for the aesthetics, but continue to take the historical culture for granted. In the past three weeks, I learned to take a step back and keep note that each building, bridge, and infrastructure I encounter has been built and seen by someone before me. Perhaps the monumental building I pass everyday was built or seen by a classmate’s immigrant great ancestor. I have a deeper appreciation for the landmarks surrounding me. In summation, I take the opprotunity to recognize the same Ellis Island I pass on my way to St. John’s University is the same landmark, “an approximate twelve million immigrants,” (Staff) experienced as they made their way towards the mysterious yet promising land of the United States of America. As I sat on the ferry to Ellis Island, I took in the surroundings and was in awe at the beauty I was surrounded by. Granted, this was my first time traveling to Ellis Island, there was a sense of mystery in the air. A part of me felt aligned with the rich immigrant culture that surrounded Ellis Island a hundred years ago. I felt connected in the sense that I was looking at the same surroundings they looked out years ago. I viewed the

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