The Art Of Racing In The Rain Analysis

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In The art of racing in the rain by Garth stein is about A dog named Enzo and his Master Denny swift. The two characters persevere through heartache and sadness whilst struggling with false rape allegations and the coincidental custody suit from his in-laws for his child Zoe after the untimely death of Denny’s wife Eve, who dies of brain cancer. The “Twins” as Enzo calls Eve’s parents believe Denny is unfit to be Zoe’s parent/guardian and use their wealth to try and break Denny’s will, while simultaneously making him broker and broker with each legal battle. To make matters worse, Denny can't make adequate money because of his trial of the false rape accusations he his forbidden to leave the state to teach racing. When denny is on the verge of caving in to his own self doubt, Enzo reminds him of perseverance and ultimately saves Denny from himself. After Enzo “saves” Denny, He is renewed with an air of energy that leads to winning in the custody suit of his daughter Zoe and the dropping of the charges of rape. Theme: to succeed in life one must overcome one's own self doubt and self - destruction to truly be happy in life. Evidence from the book The Art of Racing in The Rain by Garth Stein shows that to be in happy in life, one must overcome their own self doubt and destruction. In the book, Enzo is confronted with his own self-destruction which takes on the form of a Zebra. In Chapter 11 ( page 53 ) Enzo is left in Denny and Eves apartment by

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