Perseverance In Art Of Racing In The Rain

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People will do anything they can to save a relationship. In the book The Art of Racing in the Rain, Garth Stein explores mental and physical perseverance in the face of hardship. Throughout the book, Denny deals with grief from the loss of his wife and problems that directly follow because of it. Adversity after adversity in Denny’s life seem to turn it completely upside down. Throughout the loss of Eve, custody battles over Zoe, and false accusations of rape against Denny, Stein emphasizes the importance of perseverance through times when giving up seems easy. When Eve is diagnosed with brain cancer, she finds herself fighting the temptation of not giving in to the fear of death. Sickness forces her to overcome mental challenges that present themselves with being removed from her family and feeling death constantly loom around her. Eve admits to Enzo, the narrator, one night that “It's [cancer] bigger than me [her]. It's everywhere” (Stein 161). In this moment Eve feels that giving into fear is her easiest option. Despite this, Eve triumphs over her previous thoughts of death by finally accepting her situation. “Do you see? I'm [She’s] not afraid of it [death] anymore… Because it's not the end” (Stein 161). Eve realized that fighting death itself was not what she was battling, rather fighting her urge to give into the fear that comes with dying. In contrast to her previous anxious and doubtful mentality, Eve’s perseverance over her fear lead to a yet anticipated, but

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