The Article, Service Not Included, By The Boston Globe

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The article, Service Not Included, is an article by The Boston Globe that conveys a primarily logical argument about the mistreatment of restaurant workers. According to the article, this is an issue that all Americans should be aware of, as restaurant workers are unable to pay for their own food with the minute amount of money that they receive from their jobs, and must instead live off of government aid provided by your tax dollars. They make a plea for your empathy saying that restaurant workers face mistreatment at work, get no benefits, and have no job security. All while working long hours doing a grueling job that is not vital to our country. This is a problem that the rhetors intend to address through their article, and is the …show more content…

This is notable, as the article draws upon examples from Boston area restaurants.
This article argues that restaurants should pay their employees a liveable wage. “Diners, either through their political representatives or their own complaints to managers, should argue that workers be given: Hourly wages at or above a living wage for individuals” (The Boston Globe). This is an argument about a concern over policy, and how restaurants should not be able to pay their workers a tipped minimum wage. “Meanwhile, lawmakers should summon the courage to reject the demands of the National Restaurant Association, which is largely responsible for Massachusetts’ ‘tipped minimum wage’ — under which restaurants are allowed to pay workers just $2.63 [per hour] with the hard-to-enforce understanding that tips will make up the rest of the way to at least $8 per hour” (The Boston Globe).
What is a living wage? The article logically explains what a living wage is, and how important it is for the restaurant workers. “The 13 million-plus restaurant workers in the United States face a poverty rate that is nearly three times that of the rest of the country’s workforce, and the industry hosts seven of the 10 worst paying American jobs, according to federal labor statistics…

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