The Articles Of Confederation And The United States

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When the war finally came to an end in 1781, the economy was still suffering due to the lack of knowledge the states had on both economic and political matters. Since it was agreed upon that the nation wanted to be a democracy, the Constitution was shaped accordingly. The Articles of Confederation where written in order to establish a national government among the thirteen original colonies. There were many factors that caused of the crisis but the main reason was because of the Revolutionary war. The United States had taken on a substantial amount of debt in order for them to fund the war and the British Navy had targeted to destroy American ships, which led to a disruption in trade. The concerns that the colonists had with the Articles …show more content…

This led to the Constitution further being divided into three branches in order to maintain a balance of power within the government, which is how our current government remains today.
The states had many concerns with a strong centralized government. Many feared this type of government because they believed it would give power to the states that had a large population, which would than make smaller states have a slim chance of having any say in government matters. The colonist also didn’t want any type of government similar to a monarchy. Before they gained independence, the colonies where ruled by the British monarchy and had little say when it came to government decisions. The people were also being affected by the political and economic crisis; therefore this led them to be leery towards any type of change in government. The colonist’s fears were also justified due to the power of influential man, such as Madison, Hamilton, and Jefferson. These men had slightly different views than one another about how the government should be throughout the nation. Instead of seeing these men as those who had America’s best interest, they might of saw them as another king, which they did not want.
The fears of the colonists where justifiable due to the fact they recently gained independence from a strong government. When the colonist realized that they we indeed free, the new republican government, both state and national, had to collaborate in order to make

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