The Articles Of Confederation With The New Constitution Of 1787

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Early colonists needed to have a written document that recognized the purposes and roles of their national government. This need arose soon after they declared their independence from Great Britain. Because of their experience, they feared strong national governments but needed a constitution to bind their states together & protect them from future assaults and to strengthen their economy by trading with each other and other nations. The document that was adopted by the continental congress was the Article of confederation. But because of its weakness, the colonists needed a stronger federal government which forced them to adopt the new Constitution. (Keene, Cornell, & O’Donnell, 2011). Compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation with the New Constitution of 1787 Among many things to compare and contrast them, few of them are mentioned as follows: Sovereignty: Articles- states are sovereign, Constitution-people are sovereign as a nation. Executive: Articles- there was none, Constitution- president is the executive. Court system: Articles- no federal courts and disputes are solved by congress, constitution has federal court/supreme court system that resolves disputes. Taxes: Articles- Congress with no power to tax but only states, Constitution both congress and states have power to tax. Commerce and trade: Articles- congress did not have power over interstate and foreign trades, constitution- congress has a power of regulating its states and other nations as well.

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