The Arts And Science Program

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The Arts & Science program encouraged me to shape my knowledge by drawing on disciplines in the humanities, the performing arts, and the biological sciences. Through a diverse array of courses that emphasized self-directed learning, I wrote papers on the history of cosmetic surgery, the euthanasia debate in Canada, the Red Queen hypothesis, and the prejudice faced by Roma in Eastern Europe. The breadth of coursework I undertook during my undergraduate education moulded me into an interdisciplinary scholar and bolstered my resolve to pursue formal research anchored in anthropology, sociology, and history.

For my first foray into serious independent inquiry, I produced “‘Politika je kurva’: Wartime Experiences and Reconciliation in Bosnia & Herzegovina”, a paper that I presented at an undergraduate European Studies conference. For my honours thesis, I delved into ethnography to explore the burnout experienced by medical students at McMaster University. I chose verbatim theatre as the medium to present my findings, and my piece has since been selected for performance at the foremost conference on medical education in Canada. After reflecting on the success of these projects, I realized that my academic interests converge at the intersection of medicine and the humanities.
As per my writing sample on medicalization, I am greatly interested in the evolution of western medicine, how it came to its current pre-eminence, and women’s participation in the creation of the medical

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