The Aspirations Of Young Black Women

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What are the aspirations of young black women living in London? Research Space: University I have conducted a range of interviews and focused groups in order to get qualitative data on the aspirations of young black university students in London. I divided my questions into three categories Employment, Education and Travel. I can identify with this research, as I myself am a young black female who hopes to achieve her goals and ambitions by going to university in London. From this research I seek to find other black females who have high ambitions and goals. Demographic Questions What is your Gender? What is your age? What is your Ethnicity? What is your marital status? Are you currently employed? How long have you been living in London? What is the highest level of educational attainment you have completed? What educational activities are you presently enrolled in? Educational Aspirations Do you partake in any educational programmes whilst living in London? To what extent do you think involvement in educational programmes are essential for you overall success? What factors participate to your opinions about educational attainment? How long will it take you to complete your university course? Employment Aspirations What types of jobs do you think you can currently able to secure? What is your ultimate occupation? What training/ qualifications do you need to in order to secure your ultimate occupation? How long will it take you to secure your ultimate job? Can

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