The Asset And Risk Profile For Jerry And Jones

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The KPMG Asset valuers limited 5th may 2015 Jerry and jones 5th may 2015 The report on the nature of the Asset and risk profile for jerry and Jones After a comprehensive assessment and appraisal of your asset an income, we conclude that the asset worth and net income is ideal and thus its viability in terms of asset speculation by using some forecasting model as the superannuation as well as the net present value was considered necessary for ascertaining the amount of funds required at the time of the retirement that is considered significant to finance their living cost after the retirement age. The summary of the asset and income assessment provides that the projection to 20167 is deem significant since, it is going to increase the net worth of the couple which is a good indication that by 2017,the couple will have some extra cash to invest in cash generating asset in order to improve their wealth At the time of the retirement that will cover their living expense when they retire. The detail of the asset appraisal is discussed in detailed below. Yours kindly Kennedy Ramsey. 1.0 Cash flow statement for the three years ending 2017 Jerry Jenny Total 2015 2016 2017 Salary Income 105000 50000 155000 159650 164440 Investment 0 0 Commonwealth Bank shares 625 shares 0 25000 25000 26250 27563 Saving account with Bundoora credit union 26900 26900 28245 29657 Term deposit with Bundoora credit union – 3 month rolling balance 165000 165000 173250 181913 less; Deductable
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