The Atlantic Slave Trade Does Still Impact Racism Today

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The Atlantic slave trade does still impact racism today in the US. The struggles over slavery gave a civil war, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and finally a civil rights movement to help us move forward and progress. Many scholars argue that slavery created racism, in the artificial categories of black and white. Racism was created, at least in large part, to justify slavery. To dumb it down for people who really don 't understand is racism is basically racial prejudice or discrimination. Some may strongly believe that the Atlantic slave trade impacted racism today negatively. With police brutality on blacks, the negative implicit of blacks on others, and stereotypical remarks made by people these are few of the reasons why racism is still a…show more content…
According to, there are 7.5 billion people in the world. 8.8 millions of those people are African American. That means about 2,933,000 African Americans will be shot dead throughout the years. That is taking out a great chunk of the population. This is not an ideal past, present, and or future for the idea of utilitarianism. Another contention is that the last year police officers were killed at an alarming rate was in 1930.. Yet, if people were to do more research on the death rate comparison over the years some would complain how since the 1900s probably the death rates for blacks keep rising and have never dropped. No one is saying that those cops who died don’t matter; just compared to others it seems miniscule. Many people take every person 's death as a serious matter because “they” know if it was reverse roles many would feel just as worse maybe. It really doesn’t add up because every year it 's becoming all the minorities now just being targeted by these police who have been corrupted by the ideology of figures in power to people in general or idols.
Many of human individuals are raised to follow a certain religion. With at the center of most religions there is a god-like idol who determines right from wrong, living in sin or living in peace, left from right, to so on and so forth. The reason this is repeated is because that is how biased things worked. Now defining biased as a personal and sometimes

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