The Atom Short Story

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This is the origin story of the “The Atom”, it is a tale chock-full of danger and sorrow. It is a very tragic tale indeed. There was once a seventeen-year-old boy named Adam Spencer, he lived in a quaint little town called Greendale. Adam is the smartest student in his grade, he has an IQ of 145, and he’s the son of the two most famous chemists’ is the world. Being an only child strengthened his bond with his parents even more. They had lived a simple life, until that fateful day when everything had fallen apart. One day Adam had arrived home from school, he laid down his backpack in the living room. Then he had gone down to the basement to see what his parents are working on-Adam's parents converted the basement to their own personal laboratory- he waved at them through the looking glass, he had moved his hand over to the intercom to talk to his parents. Adam had pressed the button and started to talk,”Hi Mom and Dad, how was your day?” then his father says “Oh you know same old, same old just working with some highly toxic chemicals in here”, Adam let out a chuckle. They had continued to talk about their not so mundane life when all of a sudden Adam starts hearing the labs alarms blaring.When his parents realized what they had done it was too late. They had already mixed chemical X in with the wrong component and had created a live chemical bomb. They had pleaded Adam to flee but he didn't want to desert them. So he tried as hard as he could to open the lab's

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