The Atomic Bomb Was The Most Destructive Thing On The Planet Essay

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The atomic bomb was the most destructive thing on the planet at that time. It had the power “equal to 12-15,000 tons of TNT” or a “22-kiloton blast” (Bombing Of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) depending on which of the two atomic bombs are being talked about. Using the atomic weapons is something that should not be taken lightly and does not come without consequences, though. However, ending a war or shortening it by any means necessary is a just cause, but to effectively do so a decision must be made on how exactly to end it, the short-term effects must be known and the long term effects must be considered as well. The decision to use atomic weapons stemmed from President Roosevelt wanting to not waste any time in becoming one of the first countries to successfully develop an atomic weapon. President Roosevelt knew that Germany had achieved atomic fission in 1938 and were still secretly working on their atomic experiments. He feared that Germany was ahead of the United States when it came to developing an atomic weapon and if they were the first to successfully weaponize atomic energy, it would mean trouble for the Allies. The reason President Roosevelt wanted to be the first successful country to use atomic weapons is because it would be “a great new instrument for shortening the war and minimizing destruction” (Stimson). President Roosevelt and his advisors knew that by the time their atomic bomb would be created, the war with Germany would be nearing its final moments, so the

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