The Atomic Bombings Of Japan

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One of the most argued topics in all of history is the atomic bombings of Japan in August of 1945. Many argued that we should have done exactly as we did, they would argue it was the only way to get Japan to surrender and to not lose any more American lives. Others believe that it was very unethical in dropping the atomic bombs. The director of Nuclear Studies Institute at American University in Washington D.C, Peter Kuznick, was against the whole idea, stating that “Truman knew he was beginning the process of annihilation of the species. It was not just a war crime; it was a crime against humanity.”
Back in the fall of 1945, there was a poll, the Roper Poll, that the people of the United States took to determined whether they think if we should have dropped the atomic bombs, Fat Man and Little Boy, on the Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Back then 53.5 percent of the people who took this poll agreed with it. Harold Steele was among this percentage. Steele was a U.S. Army Infantry lieutenant in European theater during World War II, when he was interviewed by Mark DePue he stated that, “I come even more proud of a president that had the courage, the conviction. But also, he’d been a battery commander in the artillery in World War I. . .And that helped him make decisions without probably thinking too long. Get this sucker over. . .We’re fighting to the last blood, the last person!. . .The kamikaze pilots and all the other factors brought into being that were not even

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