The Attachment Theory By John Bowlby Essay

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Psychological Life History
What makes us, us? We grew up being special kids, completing milestones or not, have great support systems or not. Does it take careful examination of the self to understand who we actually are or is it more simple? Personality development is extremely complex, but occurs simply in every day. It is through the life parables, birth place, and experiences that make us, us.
Personality Theory: The Attachment Theory. Our first relationship in life tends to be the mother. The attachment theory by John Bowlby emphasizes the importance and need of attachment. In addition, Mary Ainsworth created the idea that there are three styles of attachment. These include secure attachment, ambivalent attachment, and avoidant attachment. Despite some problems my parents had, I feel that I was loved and cared for the best my mother was able. I was a happy kid and had everything that I needed. I was raised being taught to respect others, speak kindly, and be confident in myself. Despite not having my father around, I think Mary Ainsworth would say that I was a securely attached child. Erikson 's 8 Stages of Psychosocial Development. Something that I have learned throughout the two years of my college career has been Erik Erikson 's Psychosocial Stages of Development. Each time I learn about these stages, the Identity versus Role Confusion stage always screams out at me. This was so important to my personality because it distinguishes an extremely low

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