The Attack on Mumbai and 9-11

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Not only shook Mumbai people , but also the country as a whole . Its impact has been in politics in South Asia.
Terrorism, as such, has been dominating the political scene since the last decades , especially after the cowardly attack on World Trade Center on 9/11 , 2001. Although the official version of the law has undergone severe questioning , yet this event was used by the U.S. to promote its objective of controlling the oil wealth in western Asia. This led to a chain of events leading to the invasion of Afghanistan and the U.S. occupation of Iraq . This resulted in total disgrace on the people of Iraq, a symbol which comes in the form of Muntadhar al- Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at George Bush. (December 2008 ) .
The Al Qaeda was blamed for the 9/11 Commission has a long history and that his works came to the surface, one got to know in due time, which itself was formed U.S. to fight the Russian armies in Afghanistan. The word Islamic Terrorism was built by the U.S. media uncritically and was picked up by the global media . The meanings of the words Jihad and Kafir were modified to suit the indoctrination module developed by U.S. to train terrorists in specially created Madrasa in Pakistan. It is left on one of these groups that have wreaked havoc in South Asia, Kashmir and parts of India , in particular.
As this type of terrorism has also been the principal…

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