The Audit Plan Of K & S Corporation Limited

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Executive summary

This article initiates with the introduction on what is audit planning. It basically addresses the audit plan strategy of K & S Corporation limited’s Financial Statements. Being an external auditor of the company, key factors to be considered in auditing the financials of the subject company have been discussed in the article. The most significant accounts at risk being materially misstated have been critically examined citing the possible risks associated with such accounts. Last but not the least, the article concludes with recommendations with respect to audit assessment plan of the company. Hence, this article seeks to act as a ready reckoner guide for an audit manager in audit planning of K & S Corporation Limited.

A company prepares financial statement to provide information about its financial position and performance. This information is in turn used by a wide range of stakeholders (such as investors, banks, customers, suppliers etc) in making economic decisions with respect to respective economic interest in the company. Typically, in terms of ownership by investment in shares of the company, shareholders though own the company but do not manage it. Therefore, the shareholder and other such stakeholders to get comfort in taking sound decision need independent assurance from the auditors that the financial statements reflect true and fair view of the company affairs in all material respects. Hence, in order to enhance the level of…
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