The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Book review based on The Autobiography of Malcolm X


This biography of Malcolm X was a book, which had a purpose of enlightening people on how blacks were treated, it mainly focused on the life of Malcolm and how it affected his life and changed him. Malcolm X is born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, America. A country where racism is so prevalent that his family frequently gets into a confrontation with the KKK and Black Legion society due to his father being a preacher. This results in his fathers’ death, his mother 's mental breakdown, and the separation of his family. It completely put a strain on all of them, as they were forced apart. Throughout the story Malcolm’s personality goes through many transitions due to the various scenarios he went through, and all of them shape up to make up the man he becomes. It was written in first person even though Malcolm X didn’t write it; Malcolm X draws both on his past and his present understanding. So we get the feeling that this is the absolute truth even though it was written by Alex Haley, Its almost as if he chose first person for a reason, this was the controversy surrounding the book. The book begins when Malcolm’s family moves to Michigan where they continue to experience persecution and violence. White people brutally murder Malcolm’s father by running over his face, from here things go downhill, he is forced to live in a foster home, because the State agency did not want to pay his
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