The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little, is one of the greatest advocates for race in the nation. However, his opinion of the state of racial issues in our country, and what can be done to solve them. Trials throughout Malcolm’s life of personal opinions and events that have occurred have shaped his outlook on the issue. Alex Haley’s autobiography novel, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, reveals Malcolm’s changing views on the solution of race in this country through the shaping stages of experiences in his life. Throughout Malcolm’s childhood, he was always the social outcast. Many traumatic events shaped his perception on race early in his life. Malcolm’s father, a Baptist minister who promoted the teachings of Marcus Garvey, was believed to be killed by a white activist group called the Black Legion. Also, his house was burned down because the Little family lived in a white neighborhood. His mom was admitted into a mental hospital so he had to move into a juvenile home in a white neighborhood. All the negative events in his life had been caused by his race. Additionally, as a result, Malcolm was to transfer into a mostly white school, where, when he was elected class president, felt he was regarded by his classmates as a “poodle”. His race was to himself a curse that would always give him the disadvantage for never being seen as anything other that how he appeared, rather than be handed his accomplishments that he felt he deserved. His teachers at his school degraded his dreams, as

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