The Autobiography We Are Told An Account By Rosa Cassettari

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In the autobiography we are told an account by Rosa Cassettari an Italian immigrant coming to the United States. Rosa is from northern Italy and is coming to America to join her husband Santino who works in Missouri as an iron miner. She reluctantly leaves behind her young son, but is curious about American life. Her journey to America, her move to Chicago, and her job at the settlement all revealed changes that occurred in Rosa. Her story was successful, not based on the amount of money she made, but in being able to establish a good life for herself in America where she had her freedom. When Rosa first comes to the United States she identifies as poor, uneducated, and afraid. She was naive in her view that they’ll get rich in America. …show more content…

The move to America had a big impact on how Rosa saw things and brought out a different side to her that was not as afraid as she used to be. When Rosa returned to America and found out her husband’s plan, she declared her refusal going against Santino. This shows a major change in Rosa because he was someone she was most afraid of, and allowed him to control her till she took this stand. Though taking his threats seriously she takes the kids and moves to Chicago. This also reveals the changes in Rosa because she is willing to be on her own in a brand new place. While in Chicago she divorces Santino and eventually remarries Gionin. Though Gionin is a good man he leaves Rosa briefly fearing religious persecution. When recounting this she didn’t panic and managed on her own without him. Rosa also learns to be more wary of strangers. When she first arrived in America a man conned her out of her money because she was more naive then. A man approaches her asking for the ten dollars for her husband to buy the horse he had previously mentioned to Rosa but instead of handing over the money she pretends to not have it. Later when she brings it up with Giornin they found out it was a scam and that Rosa acted smart in suspecting something. From the time Rosa came to the United States till her life in Chicago, she has struggled, but instead of breaking down she continued working harder. The

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