The Automobile Industry And What Effect Car Emissions Have On Innovation

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Automotive in America
America is one of the biggest buyers of cars in the world. With great distances to cover in rural land and impressive salaries spend on cars in places such as New York City or Beverly Hills, there is always a market for domestic and international car manufacturers. The market has changed a lot in the last 10 years, and that is why we will both look at the provided automotive industry analysis from 2004 and go into the current landscape. We will look at the history of the American auto market and see the changes since 2004. We will determine how the market is divided in the current market and what global competition is prominent. We will continue by looking into new inventions in the auto industry and what effect car emissions have on innovation. Finally, we will look at what the consumer looks for in a new car in the current market.
Competition and Market share
Unlike other countries, Americans are very loyal to domestic brands. General Motors held the dominating share in 2004 (Highfill, Baki, Copus, Green, Smith & Whineland, 2004) and does so still in 2014 with 17.8% market share (Statista Statistics, 2015). Right behind General Motors is
Ford, another domestic manufacturer with 14.9% (Statista Statistics, 2015). Finally continuing to the number three sales expert, Toyota with 14.4% (Statista Statistics, 2015). This makes America very different from the global top manufacturers, where Toyota stands on top with 11.6% of the global market share, followed
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