The Ballot Or The Bullet Speech

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The Ballot or the Bullet speech addressed by Malcolm X, a well-known black nationalist, sought to persuade those of color that the only way to overcome the civil-rights struggle was to give it a new explanation, being the ballot or the bullet. Throughout the speech he expresses his deep dismay in the black community’s ongoing conflict of political oppression, economic exploitation, and social humiliation. Through ethos, logos, and pathos Malcolm made his audience re-evaluate their existing vision, urging them to act through any means necessary. The speech is focuses on the degradation of black people and a means to integrating blacks into voting while reclaiming their communities and lives. Malcolm X’s Ballot or the Bullet speech advances to the progression of the African American community due to its use of unifying statements and antagonistic challenges. Instead of trying to make any allures towards the white population, Malcolm X criticizes them. Throughout the speech he focuses on the complete segregation of whites and blacks rather than trying to integrate them into one another’s community. He strongly believed that the black population had to break the psychological, and political enslavement on their oppressors. Malcolm X attacks the inclination of African-Americans who keep trying to classify with White America when they should actual try to be identifying with their ancestors. The purpose of him doing this was to inculcate a feeling of self-help in his peers.
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