The Baltimore Riots

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There has been many incidents of discrimination and cruelty in my community. Ultimately because of equality a lot of citizens don't believe in equal rights. I have had experience with this through my local news channels of broadcasting the Baltimore riots or learning in school on the history of Jews being kept captive in camps and treated poorly by nazi's. Equality is something we need to work on. It is ensuring that everyone is able to have equal opportunities and frowned upon just because their race, gender, disability or beliefs.

The Baltimore riots began on Monday, April 27th, 2014 sparked by the death of Freddie Gray. He died under the hands of police custody and it triggered an anger that has been building up over the months by African American who are desperate for justice. In our community I feel as if every person should feel welcomed and loved and not excluded or made an outcast based on their race, beliefs, gender or disability. This is very important because lately there has been much discrimination on the news and in our community by misunderstanding and it has lead to a lot of misunderstanding. …show more content…

I feel extreme remorse for the Jews. I saw the concentration camp images , videos before hitler took over , and watched scenes of the people who survived the camps. I also took photos inside and outside the museum. For the most part what I got from this visit was that the Jews were killed in large numbers and treated poorly. After the visit I made a power point explaining what exactly we saw which were large mass killings aka (genocide). The stories I learned and images/videos I saw reminded me of the constant struggle we have in today's society. We as a nation need to stop injustice , unlawful , and prejudice hatred for one another. At the end of the day we are all human and deserve the right to be treated fairly wherever in this

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