The Basic Ideas Of Science Of Mind

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“One with a well-developed personality is of course a happy person. As the result of social, physical, financial, and spiritual well-being, happiness is assured.”
The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind, pg. 59

“What man believes and does determine the results he gets! But some may say, ‘That may be very good theory but it doesn 't work out in actual life. I 've always done the best I could but things don 't go right for me. I 'm not one of the lucky ones!’”
The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind, pg. 65

You are one of the lucky ones, even if you were betting on a different outcome. There is no reason to deny the existence of luck, chance, randomness and possibility in our infinite universe. There is good reason to not rely on it, bet on it, blame it for our failures or attribute our success to luck. Luck is not the hand of fate or any such controlling influence in life. Luck is not a force to be reckoned with, or a power that controls events. Luck refers to our experience of an infinite universe that is beyond our control. We call it good luck when we benefit and bad luck when we do not, but we are only talking about whether or not we benefit from the way it is; and that is a matter of our ability to appreciate, plan, and choose wisely — or not. Do not attribute success or failure to luck. Do not think of luck as an agent, or agency, or controlling factor in the game we play. It is not. Luck is involved wherever and whenever there is more than one possible

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