The Bass Player In Black Essay

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The Bass Player in Black At the quiet Corner of Turks street was the Cranburry Cafe. Inside there was a five man jazz band playing up their tunes. Every single Thursday the five men played. But this Thursday their bass player was feeling ill and unable to play. The band looked for volunteers and found a man named Smith. They called up Smith who was luckily available for that night. In the cafe people danced, and there was song in the dark air. It was a fine beginning to a long cold dark night. As the chimes of the old oak grandfather clock struck 9 the band decided to pack up for the night. Smith was an unusual person, he was looking all around when he was packed until he saw Ms. Jones, whom he was trying to find. As soon as he …show more content…

Unknown by Smith, Ms. Jones is being tracked by the Russian government’s agency and two of the military vehicles are on their way to capture back their comrade. Mr. Smith is now driving down a bright but dark city at twenty-three-hundred-hours. The entire drive, there are streets on both sides of the long tedious road. The military vehicles are armored, mostly explosive proof, few windows, and a double barreled on top but hidden at the time. The vehicles are tan, with huge black wheels. Each has a jet on the back to boost if when it needs to. They almost look like tanks, but on wheels. One of the vehicles is traveling unseen on the street right to Mr. Smith. The other is also unseen but to the left of Mr. Smith's street. In sync, the armored vehicles smash themselves into the Lamborghini in a split of a second. Instantaneously the car is a crushed mess, but mostly whole. The armored vehicles back off as if they were untouched. Being a FBI vehicle, his Lamborghini protected its occupants from serious injury. It has a design so when it looks fatal it will still protect its passages, most likely that is. Smith recovered from the crash, pulls his fifty caliber revolver out his coat and rolls out the car. Almost at the same time he jumps on the nearest armored vehicle. A man pokes his head out of a trapdoor with a machine gun and gets bludgeoned in his head by Smith's gun before he could

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