Roll Cage Research Paper

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Dirt flies up from the ground like kids jumping on a trampoline. The red, white, and blue #19 Tobias Slingshot flies past the red #026. In anger of losing his position. #026 closes the distance between the two cars. Mere inches separate the two vehicles. They touch. Even though the touch is as light as a feather, it sends #19 hurtling towards the wall. The sound of a gunshot is heard as the car ricochets of the wall at a 90 degree angle. The driver looks at the night sky. The sky is beautiful with the stars twinkling like diamonds. But, the beautiful sight ends as the car crashes into the ground. The drivers hands shoot forward. "Snap!" As the red flag comes out, sirens are heard in the distance...
The crash mentioned above occurred on August
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The modern solution is something called a roll-cage. A roll-cage is a specifically engineered frame that is located in the passenger side of any race car. The purpose is to protect the car's occupants from getting injured if they're bodies are to sway to that side in a crash.
Two broken metacarpals in Amey's wrists were outcomes of the crash. Back then, there was only a 2 point belt system in the car, a seat belt coming from each side. Now there is a 5 point belt system the holds back the upper arms, chest, and legs. When the car hit the ground, his hands flew forward. With the modern belt system, Amey's hands would have never gotten close to the dashboard like the real crash; they would have been stopped by the belt that hold the upper arms.
Now when racers are speeding around the track at high speeds, fans, officials, and racers are assured that they are safe from severe injuries. However, if a tragedy like this ever happens again, you must stay calm. Do not cause a panic that might storm onto the track and further hurt the driver. All you can really do is stay in the stands and pray that the driver is
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