The Battle Of Gettysburg And A Website Article From The New World Encyclopedia

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The battle of Gettysburg is seen today as the turning point of the war, and after the analysis of these historical documents its clear why the bloodshed at Gettysburg was as significant as it was being able to turn the tides of the war. Two sources that are going to be used in this are a website article from “Battle of Gettysburg” and a website article from the NeW World Encyclopedia: “Battle of gettysburg”. These sources will be analyzed by their origin, purpose, content, value and limitation in relation to this investigation.

The first source, a website artice from “Battle of Gettysburg” was published in 2009. There is no specific author but it is generalized as the staff. was founded in 1951 and has been recording and providing information since then. It can be trusted because there are many historians who work and are constantly updating this website and they also allow you to contact them if you believe something is inaccurate. One limitation of the origin is that there is no direct author listed.The purpose of this source is to provide the reader with information on the Battle of Gettysburg and how it impacted the American Civil War. It also provides the war tactics that each side used in this Battle for the reader. This source’s content is focused around the facts and details on why it was the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War and how it lead to the Union victory. One limitation of the content used in this

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