The Battle Of The Civil War

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The American civil war was fought from April 1861 through to May 1865 to determine the existence of the Union or freedom for the Confederacy. January 1861, 7 of the southern slave states declared their withdrawal from the U.S and began to form their own allied states of America. The South from then on produced and included in total 11 states, however, the north did not declare secession and stayed “loyal” to the US.

Who really was to blame for the 1861 American civil war? It’s hard to find a clear conclusion as to why, whom or what was to blame for the outbreak of the civil war. Historian J.R Randall believes that the cause of the American Civil War was caused by the “Blundering generation of politicians”, the “blundering generation” was …show more content…

Moreover, as well as the economic and slavery division between the Southern and Northern states, there was also the division between the radical politicians. When Abraham Lincoln stood up at Fort Sumter, there is much agreement that Lincoln can be blamed for making the first initial decision on imposing the American Civil War.

The ideological viewpoint and historian John Spicer both agree that the main reason that caused the American Civil war was in fact Slavery. Back in 1619 the first ever African slaves were brought to the North of America (Virgina) to help with the important production of cotton, sugar and tobacco. However, the following year in 1860, with more than 60% of the electorate not voting for, Abraham Lincoln was elected as president. Lincoln’s anti-slavery became well established in the North; “Republican politicians quite consciously seized on the slavery and sectional issue in order to build a new party” (Holt, F.M, 1978) this quite clearly highlights that the republicans pushed for slavery, however, Lincoln did not in fact want slavery abolished completely. Lincoln agreed that slaves were allowed in the states that already had slaves, yet, he was to abolish slavery in states that had not yet emerged. Lincoln did not want slavery to expand but to only keep slaves where slavery was already established. In 1861, 1 year after Lincoln was elected, 6 more

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