The Battle Of The War

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World War One has always been known as the most deadliest warfare in human history. The biggest cause of the war is still debated by historians. The aggression of Germany and the alliance system are always blamed for the origin and the expansion of the war. In my opinion, I do not agree with the statement that the “the role of alliances in the origin and expansion of the war in 1914 was greatly exaggerated”. The alliances played an extremely important role in the war, especially in expanding the war. Other factors like Germany’s aggression, the arms race, colonialism, nationalism all played a significant role in the rising tension between powers. However, the alliance system was the fuel and brought Europe into a total war. I see the …show more content…

Germany could be seen as the balance between A-H and Russia. Bismarck saw himself as the honest broker and tried his very best to respect both countries’ interests in the Balkans. However, this weak alliance eventually broke up due to the pan-slavism, which was a dangerous nationalism and one of the important factors led to the outbreak of the First World War. Russia’s involvement in Serbio-Bulgarian War and the conflicts of interests between the two countries undermined this alliance. Although Russia and Germany signed a reinsurance treaty, it was very vague and somehow could not control Russia from becoming alliance with France both economically and politically. After Bismarck’s dismissal, the reinsurance treaty was not signed, which contributed to the consolidation of Russo-Franco relationship and led to the formation of the Triple Entente, whom fought together against the Central Powers during the World War One. Historian Gerorge Kennan believes that “the French-Russian alliance made war inevitable - any Balkan quarrel would erupt in war”. The discontinuity of alliance is perhaps more dangerous the alliance system itself. That means the two countries are no longer “friends” and therefore had to become enemies. Kaiser Wilhelm certainly did not make a very good decision and as David Lloyd George said he was one of the “…few dozen incapable leaders, by falsified documents, lying stories of threats and chauvinistic catchwords, into a war which in

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