Essay on The Battle for Homosexual Adoption

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“If it was me,” declares Texas legislator Robert Talton, “I would rather [leave] kids in orphanages as such – this is where they are now if they’re not fostered out. At least they have a chance of learning the proper values” (Sanchez). Such a mindset betrays Talton’s ignorance of children raised in same-sex households. The blame does not solely fall on him though; many people in the world today are in the dark about whether or not to allow gay and lesbian parents to adopt children. Many research studies conclude that children are not adversely affected in any way from growing up in homosexual households; however, the fight for same-sex parents to be joined in marriage goes on, not only for the parent’s benefit, but to the benefit of the…show more content…
The psychological aspect of homosexual raised children remains unaffected, but what about the sociological effects? Families worry about whether their child will suffer teasing, but Golombok et al. writes there is no difference “in the quality of friendships in children raised in lesbian and heterosexual families” (Ahmann). The percentage of young adults who remember childhood bullying remain the same, with no differences between those raised by gay parents or not, confirms Tasker and Golombok (Ahmann). However, Tasker and Golombok illustrate that children of lesbian families “recalled concerns about presenting their family background to others and about ostracism,” or exclusion from the majority group (Ahmann). Such discrimination most likely stems from society’s views of gay people – usually in an unfavorable manner. Any association with homosexual is taboo, which probably leads to this ostracizing. Psychiatrist Nanette Gartrell is credited with conducting the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study, which sought to evaluate the performance of children raised in same-sex households. Gartrell was surprised to find that “[n]ot one of the children had been physically or sexually abused in the home…” The findings were shocking, considering that the national rate of children being abused at home is 38% of women and about 5%-10% of men (“The Advocate”). These numbers emphasize many points; since same-sex couples cannot create their

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