Law Shapes Experiences Of Parenthood For Same-Sex Parents

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Laws and Regulations
Laws have recently become the deciding factor for who is legally able to have a family. This is one of the most differentiating dissimilarities that these two families endure. In “How Law Shapes Experiences of Parenthood for Same-Sex Couples,” by Nicolas Park, Emily Kazyak, and Kathleen Slauson-Blevins the impact on the law has on gay, lesbian, and bisexual(GLB) parents is discussed. This represents the view from the United States perspective, as the study was done in California and Nebraska: “Law impacts the method gay men and lesbians use to become parents and their subsequent experiences as a family” (Park 121). Because, of these laws, so early in the process of making a family, the wellbeing of the child is ultimately …show more content…

The daily life of children in homosexual families will help to further advance a better understanding of the daily family life of children with parents of the same sex. Research shows that children within these same-sex families have an “inclusive and flexible” (Bosisio 9) representation of family. Along with this representation in, “Peer Relations Among Adolescents With Female Same-Sex Parents” this “suggests that important decisions about adolescent lives (such as custody determinations) should be made not on the basis of parental sexual orientation, but by focusing instead on the qualities of adolescents’ relationships with parents” (Wainright 125). Quality of parent-child relationship is an important factor in any family. As this is seen as a similarity between the heterosexual and homosexual families, there is also that one up that a statement has to be made about child on behalf of their parent’s sexual orientation. “Children are uniquely vulnerable. A range of international human rights laws aim to protect the family rights of children and recognise that the family often makes a vital contribution to the happiness and security of children’s lives” (Hodson 519). Children in general do not have a choice to what type of family dynamic they become involved in. Whether they are born into a family, or adopted into one, it is not based on the choice of the child. Because of this, the happiness of these children comes into question. A valid family by law is not continuous throughout the world, so if the family is not recognized as real, it effects the children, and leads them to question then what they are. In opposition to Bossio’s claim that children have a inclusive and flexible description of family is the work of Jacky Coates’ and Richard Sullivna’s, “Achieving Competent Family Practice with Same-Sex Parents,” they claim that “we do not yet live in a post-heterosexist world, and

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