The Battle of Coral Sea

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May 7-8, 1942, an important battle happen, that is the Battle of Coral Sea. The Battle was fought by air planes on both sides, There was no ship involved at all. The Japanese wanted to capture New Guinea and leave Australia out. The Coral Sea actions happen from a Japanese operation, they wanted to capture Port Moresby, on New Guinea's southern-eastern coast. Japanese air base threaten Australia and supported plans for future expansion, trying to help Australia get out of the war and exchange the strategic defense of Japan's oceanic empire. In the spring of 1942, the Japanese had great gains in the Far East. The conquest of the Philippines, Burma, Malaya, and Dutch East Indies had cost the Japanese Navy 23 warships. Also, 67…show more content…
Throughout the attacks it didn't go as well, two Japanese seaplanes were destroyed and it also destroyed four landing barges. May 5th the Yorktown and the Lexington joined the designated rendezvous. Some Japanese were already entering the Coral Sea. Admiral Takagi's Striking Force moved down along the Solomon, they were at the Coral Sea by early May 6th. Port Moresby invasion Force and the Support Group went to the Jomard Passage. Port Moresby was finally attacked, it was bombed on this specific day. On May 6th Fletcher made a decision to attack the Japanese force. The American told Fletcher that it was almost certain that Japanese would come through the Jomard Passage on May 7th or 8th. Fletcher told his people to striking distance on May 7th. While the Japanese planes reported back into place. 15 Japanese bombers attacked American ships but they failed to hit their targets. Later a destroyer names 'Sims' was attacked, and it quickly sank with 379 lives were lost. Oil tanker 'Neosho' was attacked as while, but it stayed up and until May 11th when 123 men were able to get off of the destroyer 'Henley”. The oil tanker “Neosho' losses was not in vain as the 56 Japanese planes that attacked both the ships could have turned their attention to the 'Yorktown'. A group of Japanese bombers attacked the ships of commander Rear Admiral J.C Crace of the Royal Navy. Fletcher moved his carriers away from Crace's group, this group included two carriers 'Australia' and 'Hobart' of

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