The Beast Character Analysis

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Lord Of The Flies is a novel that challenges human nature in an interesting way. Let us think of what would happen if you dropped a plane full of boys on an island to fend for themselves. At first, there would be some sense of structure, but as life would go on that structure would dissolve, as it did, as well as any other societal rules they brought with them. Without these rules and regulations, boys will turn to savages or even let the beast come out. The question is what turns them; is it their fear, is it a real beast or is it how they truly would be without structure. The monster in Golding’s novel is not someone or something, but simply a manifestation that lives within us all and that is proven when the “Beast” speaks to Simon, when Simon and Piggy are murdered, and when Jack and his tribe go after Ralph. During the second interaction between Simon and the Lord of the Flies the Lord of the Flies states, “Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill!”(Golding, 172). The statement above is the first sign that the beast might not be real. The statement is the first sign because of the keywords thinking and could. When thinking is used it connotes an idea as if what they are talking about is not real and could connote that they would be able to kill the beast. And, together these words tell us the beast is not a someone or something. The Lord of the Flies continues on by asking Simon if he knew that the Lord of the Flies was a part of him; Simon did

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