The Behavior, Incomplete Assignments, And Lack Of Participation Essay

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The behaviors that concerned the team most during this case study included; off-task behavior, incomplete assignments, and lack of participation. Off- task behavior was defined by the team as pencil tapping and staring off into space. This behavior appeared several times during group work and class lectures and makes it difficult for Mr. Brecht and his assistance to redirect Samantha’s attention. Failure to complete work and follow the assignment directions was another concern the team had because it prevents Samantha from achieving her full potential. This behavior was define as not completing assignments within the given time frame and responding with incorrect answers. The team noticed that this behavior frequently occurred as a result to not following the directions given during class discussions. Lastly, the team was concerned with Samantha’s lack of participation. This behavior was defined as giving vague responses when called on and not raising her hand during class activities. For this case study, I focus on decreasing off-task behavior, as the Mr. Brecht believes that this behavior is the root to the rest of Samantha’s problems. By decreasing the off-task behavior Samantha will benefit academically because it will allow additional time for more productive work to be done. In addition to academic gains, decreasing this behavior would also benefit Samantha socially because it will allow her time to participate and interact with peers during

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