The Behaviors Vanessa Wolf

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There was once a pack of wolves who lived in Roundup, Minnesota. The wolves each had a special power. The leader had the strongest power. The leader could heal, create and throw fire, and control water. But the best power was the power to hypnotize. The leader was a female, and her name was Vanessa Wolf. Her pack was called The Saviors. The pack was made of 5 million wolves. Everyone knew them as the pack that protected the animals of the world. Vanessa would use her hearing as her source to sense the animals in danger in the world. When the pack of 5 million wolves was running to get to the animal or animals in trouble, you could hear them running from miles away. The pounding on the ground was so intense it created earthquakes.

One day when Vanessa Wolf was out by herself she heard an animal cry for help. She used her water power, to lift her up so that she could see everywhere. She saw a cow about to be taken out by a …show more content…

The Saviors went with her to help. When they got there they had to help his pack round up a large group of cattle for the pack to transfer to another pack. The Saviors went back home and they slept that night. For many years when Bradley howled, The Saviors went to help. Every time they went, they ran in the same path. The Saviors created a huge dent in the earth's ground. The dent continued to get worse and it became a canyon. One day when Bradley howled, Vanessa and The Saviors went but got stuck in the canyon. They never made it to Oro Valley. They were stuck in the canyon for years. One day there was a huge earthquake created by Bradley’s pack and the earth buried Vanessa and The Saviors underground forever. After the huge earthquake people came out to the canyon and they called it The Grand Canyon. Vanessa’s spirit created a new pack called The Saviors Forever. Vanessa's spirit commands The Saviors Forever and continues to save the lives of many animals and continues to create huge

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