The Bel Canto Opera Performance

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When students study to sing Italian bel canto opera, it’s better to use the work which performed by people who is original singer to imitate and practice. However, there are still a series of problems will happen for non-Italian students when they are study singing the opera, for example Semiramide. Bel raggio lusinghier. Even according to the video soundtrack to imitate, the overall effect artistic and performances is not satisfactory. The problems are pronunciation hesitation, slurred speech, unknown the meaning of the text. All of these problems will reduce the bel canto opera artistry.

● The Italian Vowel Characteristics and Pronunciation of Requirements
Generally, Italian is easier to pronounce than Chinese, German, Spanish and Portuguese. From the view of opera Semiramide. Bel raggio lusinghier, each note corresponding to the following voice usually is a consonant plus a vowel, and most of the letters is only one fixed pronunciation, can be represented by the corresponding IPA. While the other letters are dependent on neighboring pronounce letter combinations, only a few letters pronounce have some changes. In general, this piece’s pronunciation follows a certain pattern.
1. Italian Vowel Features
Italian has five vowel letters which are a, e, i, o and u. According to the position of the tongue, we can separate them into three types: Low vowel, Front vowel and Back vowel.

(a) [a] is the low vowel, because the tongue is in the lowest position. It’s very open, and
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