The Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath

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Julie Simison
8-12-15 The book The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath follows a girl named Esther Greenwood. She is in college and she goes to New York on an internship. The only problem is she doesn’t feel like she is going anywhere in her life. She is worried about what she going to do after college and on the last night in New York she decides to go on a blind date with a man who ends up trying to rape her. Later her boyfriend, Billy Willard, decides that when he gets better from tuberculosis that he wants to marry Esther. The only problem with that is he cheated on her while they were dating and she felt like she couldn’t marry him. Esther becomes very depressed and she wakes up in a hospital after surviving a suicide attempt. After that she gets admitted to a mental hospital and then gets moved to a private hospital and starts to get better.
The author starts here, because this is where the internship for the magazine starts. This is also when she starts to feel numb and feels that something is wrong with her. This is the very beginning of her journey with this feeling of nothing. The author wants us to go through the experience of thinking something is wrong and that she doesn’t feel anything with her. She wants us to feel that realization with her and wants us to actually realize that feeling of nothing; of feeling numb and not having any emotion at anything at all. Besides being sad. She introduces one of the only people she really connects with

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