The Benefits Of Atomic Bombing

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Imagine. You are dressed and ready to go to work. With your briefcase in hand, you walk to the bus stop, ready to board your bus that takes off at exactly 8:20 AM. You have no worries in the world; sure, there is a huge war going on, but you are entirely innocent and safe. You’ve done nothing. But then, the whole world comes crashing down around you. You hear an unbearably loud boom, the world shakes, and the sky suddenly and inexplicably darkens. An amazing flash of white light sweeps through your surroundings, then you see things explode in flames. You are knocked to the ground, and in your last moments of consciousness, you think of your probably dead family and how you didn’t do anything to deserve this.

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Germany had already surrendered, and Japan was fighting against the Allies alone. The use of atomic force was not necessarily needed to knock out the Japanese. Assistant Secretary Bard himself was convinced that simple, regular military tactics would be enough to force Japan to surrender. He tried to persuade President Truman to forgo dropping both bombs. Therefore, the bombings were not militarily necessary.

Second, we should always avoid, at all costs, killing civilians in war. It has been estimated that 129,000-226,000 people lost their lives in the bombings, not including those that died from cancer resulting from the radiation poisoning they received. Many more were permanently blinded from the flash of light. So many of these people were civilians-innocent and uninvolved in the war. There were other ways to militarily end the war without taking the lives of so many undeserving, innocent, people.

In conclusion, I believe that the World War II bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unjust and unnecessary. The war was practically over, and the US could have forced Japan into surrender without such a drastic action. In addition, so many civilians and innocent lives were taken needlessly. Therefore, I believe that the US should have found some other, less extreme way to end the war, without needless

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