The Benefits Of Contemporary Social Media

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The use of social media in the contemporary world has rapidly increased whereby the social networking services have become increasingly popular across all ages of life. Social media is a term that is generally used to describe the applications and websites which are used for social networking. The major social networking sites include Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, among others. The rapid increase in the usage of social media and the social networking services by people across all ages of life have brought vast benefits to the contemporary society which have also come with various risks. The contemporary social media is thus a topic which has divided opinions whereby some people take the social media as an amazing tool while others are worried about the effect it has on the lives of individuals. The article on Critical Theory and Social Media as written by Allmer (2015) discusses the increased uptake of the social media mostly by the youths and the adolescents raising more concerns over the risks and dangers attributed to the contemporary social media. At the same time, Allmer says that the contemporary social media provides vast opportunities to these groups in terms of self-expression, learning, and creativity with this list being endless. The benefits and risks of the contemporary social media do not affect the youth only since even the working group also benefit a lot from social media while still being affected by the risks it

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