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Online social network has gained astounding worldwide growth and popularity which has led to attracting attention from variety of researchers around the world. In Carla Poertner article,”Is Facebook Making Us Stupid,Boring and Insecure?” She is right on target about youth being impacted over social networking. Social media has influenced youths whether it being their motives, lifestyle, or even a choice and ways of their realizations. Although, some will argue saying that social network is a good influence towards young people it is morally wrong due to getting themselves into addiction leading to danger, lack of concentrating in school, even their physical and psychological health. In other words, generations of teenagers and young adults…show more content…
Young people are not putting any effort towards their education, they chose social media over homework. Poertner mentioned,”Our social media is dumbing us down”(1). Poertner couldn't be any straightforward. Social networks have made it to where spelling and grammar of young people's test scores have dramatically decreased. As young people are constantly using social networks, they will not have any skills in face to face interactions,or even the tone of voice they use towards others. Schools have blocked sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other popular media due to the same reason in which young people are more focused on their social media, rather than their education. Therefore, the lack of paying attention in school because of the media has also led to physical and psychological health…show more content…
Young people would rather be on social media playing on apps, instead of going outdoors and playing an activity, which later can cause obesity. In Poertners article, Frances Jensen a neuroscientist states that,”dopamine can be triggered just as easily by the release of the latest iPhone as by alcohol, pot, sex, or a fast car. In some ways, technology is like drugs”(2). Author is trying to say that young people need to realize that social media is like drugs. For instance, young people are staying up late and only having 4 to 5 hours of sleep on a school day, which can not enough to function throughout the day. They can also feel emotional and have mental problems such as anxiety, depression, and somatic complaints among many others. These symptoms are exactly what drug addicts go through as well. With this being said, social media is more like a drug rather than an necessity. In final analysis, social media is increasing day by day for young people which can later cause negative outcomes. Social networks will continue to be harmful, unless parents be aware of how much social media is used among their young kids. If there are no regulations or limitations on social networking the repercussion will accumulate. Young people need to know that social media can affect their lives in many negative ways when being stuck on their media too much. Social networks is not a necessity
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