The Benefits Of DACA, Or Deferred Action For Childhood Immigrants

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America, the patriot argues, is the greatest country, land of the free, and home of the brave. A country of opportunity, a gateway to success. The wonderful ideas of American ideals are what make it so attractive. This country was founded by immigrants, brave folk who endured deadly obstacles to have a chance at American life. Still today people seek a new life in America, a chance to become someone they couldn't be in their own country. A parent wishing the best for their child would bring the young one to North America so that they might have a chance of finding happiness and success. DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, allows undocumented immigrants to partake of the many possibilities that America has to offer. It grants permits that allow the recipient to work legally, meaning no under the table jobs. Instead the legality of the occupation requires taxes to be filed, which they are. It allows the recipients to attend American schools, from grade school all the way up to higher education. The purpose of DACA is to prevent these youths from being deported, as the American life is their life. Because of the vast number of working DACA recipients, the termination of the program could have negative implications on the economy, but most importantly, thousands of children and young adults will be displaced into a world they are totally unfamiliar with, shredding the doors of opportunities that could have been presented to them in America. There’s an assumption

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