The Benefits Of Instant Ramen

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Without a doubt, instant ramen has been consumed throughout the world. One can find an instant ramen package at almost any supermarket, convenient stores, gas stations, or even in vending machine in the U.S., as well as in many countries throughout the world. Instant ramen has become so popular in the last decade because they are convenient, quick and easy meals to prepare (Kwong). The cup noodle is particularly suited to the rapid pace of modern living. Because, instant ramen comes in a cup along with chopstick, all the customer needs to do is just to pour the hot water into the cup and wait for a few minutes (Sarhan). Most of the times, there is places with hot water available so that the customer can consume the product immediately after purchase (Sarhan). As Ayman Sarhan said, “instant noodles have become a favorite for many college student, bachelors and people who work overtime a lot” (Sarhan). In addition, it is inexpensive to buy a package of instant ramen. As Jaewon Yoon explain in his article, “with the average packet costing a consumer only 13 cents, you could eat three square meals a day for an entire year for just $142.65” (Yoon). Perfect for people who are on a tight budget. Plus, it’s very difficult to get bored of eating it because of the many flavors there are to choose from. Another thing is that the whole package is very lightweight and it’s perfect to be easily carried to work or outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or for traveling (Sarhan). But,

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