The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

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Many people don’t know what Marijuana is, to clarify what it is, it is a dried bud, occasionally considered cannabis with a natural dust called THC on the plant. THC is the particle that causes reactions to the body. Another thing people at times don’t comprehend correctly is that the medical use of marijuana and the recreational use is totally different. The medical use of marijuana is recommended by a doctor in the treatment of a medical condition such as cancers, HIV/AIDS, Epilepsy, and many other conditions. The recreational use of marijuana is considered a misused drug; its use is for a “high” that is not recommended by a doctor, so it is illegal, sold in the black market trade. Knowing medicals marijuana purpose, it should be legalized for its medical use only for the soul purpose to help and provide relief to the hurt and/or sick. Medical marijuana use may provide relief and/or help to many ill people; marijuana’s medical use is the new natural drug that can help with more than one problem as in many other drugs also do. Medical marijuana is a highly used substance that has been used for millennia and it is here to stay whether it is legal or not (Newton 137). It is told that marijuana will never truly go away. People need to create legal ways for the sale of marijuana so it can be used as a medical herb without the common threat of legal consequences (129). Saying that more and more countries/ states are legalizing the use and/ or sale of medical marijuana. In fact,

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