The Benefits Of Organ Donation

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It is a well-known fact that anyone can choose to be an organ donor when applying for a driving license or just by signing the back of the license. It is also known that there are thousands of individuals across the country waiting for a lifesaving transplant at any given moment. However, most people are not very familiar with the organizations that take care of the transplants or with the process of transplantation itself. LifeGift is an organ procurement organization in Texas that not only takes care of organ and tissue transplants, but also offers emotional support to the donors’ families. Partnering with more than two hundred hospitals, LifeGift saved 1,310 lives in 2016. Thanks to them, 92 people on average receive a lifesaving organ transplant every day. Among transplantable organs, most commonly transplanted are kidneys and liver. On their website, LifeGift gives detailed explanation of the organ donation and transplantation process as well as presents personal stories of donors, their families or recipients. To begin with, organ donation is a process with clearly determined steps. Most donors are victims of accidents with fatal head injuries, which should not be surprising considering that accidents are the fifth leading cause of death in the US. As soon as the medical team arrives to the scene of an accident or trauma, they begin lifesaving efforts while transporting the victim to the nearest hospital. Then in the emergency room, the lifesaving continues while the

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