The Benefits Of Parole And Its Effect On Society

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An overview of Parole Ever since its inception, parole has been subject to support and criticism due to its impact on society and some of the implications it may have. In this essay, the concept of parole will be defined. Also, some of the many positive and negative arguments will be thoroughly described both drawing information from State, Federal, and international sources. At the end of this paper, the level of utilisation in Australia of parole will be discussed and whether or not it is overly utilised or not utilised enough. Following a conclusion summarising the overall discussion. Parole can be defined as the conditional release of a prisoner from custody after their minimum term of the sentence has expired. Its purpose is to provide prisoners with an incentive to attempt to rehabilitate, in which they would be released into society early. Parole is successfully implemented through the constant supervision of the parolee in which they remain subject to the authority of the parole board. If, they do not abide by their conditions they face the consequences of being integrated back into the prison population until they are again considered worthy of societal integration. (Simpson, 1999). However in Queensland, not all offenders are automatically entitled to parole. If, a sentence of an offender is three years or less they are automatically entitled to parole. There are two different ways in which parole is given in Australia: court ordered parole and board
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